Fundamental Beliefs

Hudson Structured Capital Management Ltd. (“HSCM” or the “Firm”) is an asset manager built on thought leadership, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence. The Firm looks for effective ways to create community, engage employees, each of whom is concerned to meet such objectives, and drive value to achieve returns.

The Firm has proudly built and maintained a culture of ethical behavior, radical transparency, and corporate and social responsibility with regards to both its investments and its operations, which it seeks to continue.

Actions as a Good Corporate Citizen

HSCM has adopted a multi-pronged approach to being a good corporate citizen as evidenced by:

  • Establishing a long-term commitment with respect to the interests of clients, employees, and key stakeholders
  • Incorporating a concrete responsible investment approach across the Firm’s investment strategies
  • Dedicating internal resources to facilitate the continued alignment of interests
  • Striving to build teams that reflect the business opportunities within the industry and clients with whom it engages around the globe
  • Giving back to the communities in which it operates through volunteering and mentorship
  • Seeking to make a net positive impact on the environment

The Importance of ESG Integration

HSCM believes that it must go beyond striving to support ESG initiatives, and has incorporated ESG factors into its due diligence processes, which is an essential practice as it increases alignment of interest between the Firm, its clients, and its employees. It is also a matter of good fiduciary and investment practice, sound risk management, and simultaneously makes a positive financial impact on the performance of its funds and clients’ portfolios.

As HSCM seeks to ensure it functions in a sound and ethical manner, it also considers the potential impact of its operational decisions on the environment and the community within which it operates. As such, the Firm upholds appropriate governance structures to ensure consistent implementation of ESG measures across the organization.

To formalize a commitment to specific measures in the spaces mentioned above and highlight their importance as core initiatives, the Firm has adopted a policy on Environmental Social Governance which can be reviewed here.